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Ingersoll Rand Air Motors

Rhino Lifting Maintenance are a certified distributor of Ingersoll Rand air motors in South Africa. 


The Ingersoll Rand air motor range includes over 200 models, with an extensive range of options. Ingersoll Rand air motors are flexible, efficient alternatives to electric sources—perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.

Advantages of Ingersoll Rand Air Motors


•  Infinitely variable speeds and torques via pressure regulation or air valves—no costly controls required.
•  Instant starting, stopping and reversing eliminates the delays of motor speed-up or slow-down periods.
•  Will not overheat or burn out, even when overloaded or run to stall.
•  Safe operation in hazardous conditions, with no electrical sparks or hydraulic fluids.
•  Cool running characteristics minimize the effects of hot, wet or dusty surroundings.
•  Low maintenance, based on simplicity of design and strength of construction.
•  Excellent design flexibility—a function of compact size, light weight, and high power output.
•  Temperature range—up to 65°C with std. lubrication and up to 149°C with high temperature lubrication.


Rhino Lifting Maintenance offers full service and spares support to ensure your air motors are always operating at peak performance.

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