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Ingersoll Rand 3955B2Ti

Ingersoll Rand Distributor South Africa

1.1/2" Square Drive Titanium Impactool

The 3900 Series is the newest generation of 1" and 1.1/2" Impactools from Ingersoll Rand. They are a revolutionary design giving a leap forward in available power and durability.


The 3900 Series range offers tools in all configurations with the 1" and 1.1/2" square drive anvils. Three motor sizes are used to give performances that are way ahead of anything previously available - up to a massive 6779 Nm (5,000 ft-lb) of reverse torque. 7-vane motors power up to max speed quicker than ever before and enhanced happer mechanisms are proven to be the most durable in the business.

More Power

6780 Nm (5000 ft-lb) of maximum torque in reverse. High-performance motor package includes 7-vane rotor and bronze end plates.

More Durability

Titanium Hammer Case, increases strength, reduces weight, and provides exceptional corrosion resistance. TwinHammer mechanism is the strongest, most durable, longest-life mechanism in the industry.

Better Ergonomics

Ergonomic handle design and textured finish provide a secure, comfortable grip.

Specifications at 6.2 bar (90 PSI)

Part Number



Ordering Number


Drive Size (square)

1.1/2 inches

A version of this model is also available with the outside trigger — 3955A2Ti

Working Torque (Forward)

1600-3900 ft-lb / 2170-5290 Nm

Maximum Torque (Forward)

4700 ft-lb / 6370 Nm

Working Torque (Reverse)

1600-4150 ft-lb / 2170-5630 Nm

Maximum Torque (Reverse)

5000 ft-lb / 6780 Nm

Maximum Free Speed

3750 rpm

Impacts per minute


Air System

Air inlet (NPTF)

1/2 in

Air consumption at load

85 cfm / 40 l/s

Minimum Hose Size

3/4 in / 19mm

Noise & Vibrations

Impacting sound pressure / power

100.2 / 112.2 dB(A)

Vibration level / measurement uncertainty (ISO28927)

20.8 / 8.5 m/s²

Weight & Dimensions

Tool Weight

34.5 lb / 15.7 kg

Tool Dimensions (l x w x h)

419 x 137 x 220mm

Shipping Weight

37.6 lb / 17.1 kg

Shipping Dimensions (l x w x h)

580 x 250 x 170 mm


Not Available


Assembled in the USA

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