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Rhino Lifting Maintenance offers testing and repairs of Ingersoll Rand air chain hoists, electric hoists, and Stahl CraneSystems hoists in South Africa.

Our workshop is committed to the highest levels of excellence, and comply with the SANS specifications when it comes to product supply and providing service to our clients according to the highest technical standards.

We operate according to the strict Lifting Machine and Lifting Tackle Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993, DMR 18 sub regulation 1 - 11, which includes the inspection and testing of lifting machines and lifting tackles.

We Import and repair the following lifting equipment:

Ingersoll Rand Air Chain Hoists

  • Ingersoll Rand CLK and MLK Series Air Hoists

  • Ingersoll Rand LC2A Series Air Hoists

  • Ingersoll Rand BOP Handling Systems

Electric Hoists

  • FITOP Electric Hoists & Motorised Crawls

  • Maxihost Electric Chain Hoist

  • Duke Mini Electric Chain Hoist

  • Duke Builders Hoist

Stahl CraneSystems Hoists

  • Stahl CraneSystems ASR 7 wire rope hoist

  • Stahl CraneSystems SH Wire Rope Hoist

  • Stahl CraneSystems ST Chain Hoist

For more information on sales, distribution, maintenance or repairs, please feel free to contact us here.

Rhino Lifting Maintenance import and maintain Stahl crane systems and hoists in South Africa.

Stahl Crane Kits

The hoisting and crane technology from Stahl CraneSystems ranks among the most distinctive and comprehensive on offer worldwide. The high-quality components are among the best available anywhere from a technical point of view. Users, crane manufacturers and system builders value these economical components and complete solutions that prove their worth in use day after day.

To find out more, please get in touch.

Rhino Lifting Maintenance imports and maintains Stahl CraneSystems Hoists in South Africa, including completes and spares.

Stahl AR7 Wire Rope Hoist

The ASR 7 wire rope hoist from STAHL CraneSystems is a reengineered, reduced

design on the basis of the approved AS 7 wire rope hoist. It is designed for

the 20,000 kg to 32,000 kg S.W.L. range, efficiently bridging the gap between

the SH and AS 7 wire rope hoist programmes.

Stahl SH Wire Rope Hoist

The SH wire rope hoist programme has been the embodiment of perfection in lifting and crane technology all over the world for many years. Compact, highperforming and particularly maintenance-friendly. Users, crane manufacturers and system manufacturers

appreciate the modular system based on field-proven, low-maintenance components. Series manufacture of the standard components means economic advantages for you. And this combined with precise manufacture of off-standard components makes the SH wire rope hoist a widely acknowledged top quality product.

Stahl ST Chain Hoist

The ST chain hoist programme ranks among the world’s most distinctive and extensive ranges on offer. Users, crane manufacturers and systems manufacturers appreciate the robust classic which proves itself in operation day for day. It is powerful, reliable and undemanding as regards maintenance and power consumption. The supervised series production of the standard components brings you economic advantages. And in conjunction with the precise manufacture of off-standard components, the ST chain hoist is an acknowledged top level quality product.

To find out more about our range of Stahl CraneSystems Hoists, get in touch with us.

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